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Film (8mm/16mm) 'Frame by Frame' transfer to DVD, Blu-ray & SD/HD/2K video files

ezDigital Perth offers High Quality 'Frame By Frame' 8mm/16mm Film to DVD/Blu-ray/MP4 file transfer service.

"Telecine is the process of transferring motion picture film into video form. The term is also used to refer to the equipment used in the process."


Not all telecine transfers are the same!

At ezDigital we use the latest 'Frame by Frame' technology to digitally preserve your films to DVD, Blu-ray or SD/HD/2K video files. This technology allows us to have full control over the film transfer process (unlike many other methods).

8mm 16mm film telecine transfer to MP4 and DVD Perth
“I have had approximately 15 reels of 8 & 16mm film transferred to digital. So happy with the service provided. It’s fantastic seeing my parents again especially in their younger years. Thank you so much. Your service was/is exquisite."

K. de Rozario

The advantages of an ezDigital film transfer are:

• 'Frame by Frame' conversion: Films are digitally scanned frame by frame, for the ultimate in archive grade film conversion.

• Cleaned and repaired: All films are professionally cleaned prior to the transfer process. We also fix and repair all films before transferring them, including re-splicing and the addition of leader tape (if required)

• See 100% of the Frame: Our expanded gate system allows you to see more of your film, with zero hot spots or flicker - this is impossible with other conversion methods!

• Full Exposure Control: Our system allows complete control over the exposure of your films. We can correct most underexposed or overexposed sections of your film, as it is transferred!

• Full Archival standard: 24-bit 8:8:8 video scanning technology for the optimal output to disc or video files.

• Care & Attention to detail: One of our film technicians will monitor your film as it is digitally captured, to ensure the highest quality transfer possible.



A few things we're often asked about film transfers (FAQ)


Q "Do I get my film back after the transfer process?"

A Absolutely - with our archiving background, we believe in always keeping your original films.  Your films are returned to you cleaned.

Q "What format will you transfer my films into?"

A As part of the transfer process, we can output your film into DVD Video, Bluray Disk or High Definition MP4 files (for editing or using on a Smart TV)

Q "I have some unlabelled films, how do I know what is on them?"

A In our experience - it is best to bring in all reels, we will then transfer all of the home movie material in one go.  This is the safest method.

At ezDigital, we take great care with your home movies, to ensure you have a high quality digital transfer that you can view for a long time to come.


If you would like to view samples of our 'frame by frame' film transfer work, you can view our sample videos which have been uploaded to ezDigital's facebook page.


Film Input:

Super 8 (with or without Sound)


Standard 8mm

Regular 8mm

Double 8mm

Single 8

9.5mm Pathe


Film Output:

DVD-Video (Standard Definition SD)

Blu-ray Video (High Definition HD)

SD Video files - MP4: 720 x 576, 16x9, approx. 14Mbps

HD Video files - MP4: 1920 x 1080, 16x9, approx. 50Mbps

2K Video files - MP4: 2048 x 1536

Archival Still images (codec less): JPEG, TIF, BMP etc

** other formats available on request **


HD files are a great option if you want to edit your own films at home!


We're often asked whether transferring your films to Disk or Video files is the best option - it is generally personal preference - below you can find an explanation of both methods:

Video file (High Definition MP4):

If you would like to edit or archive the material on to a hard drive or view the material on a computer, then converting your tapes to video file/s is the better option - this allows you to view the material on most Smart TV's and also on most computers and edit it using your own video editing software.


50Mbps (Pillarboxed) at 1920x1080 for HD files.


We can also output files for use on Smart TV's - let us know when you bring your job in - if you will be using a Smart TV, as they do require different quality files to play smoothly (approx 5-7Mbps).

DVD / Blu-ray disk:

If your main objective is to watch the material on your TV, using a DVD or Blu-ray player and store it away for future use, then DVD or Blu-ray is a suitable option.


We can output the files onto your NTFS (PC), HFS+ (MAC) and even exFAT (PC/MAC) formatted portable/external hard drive (HDD).  Thumb drives (also known as Flash drives) are a convenient format for viewing files on a SmartTV, Laptop or Desktop computer.

We also offer a Videotape to DVD and MP4 file transfer service. For further details, you can view our Video to DVD page.

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