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ezDigital Perth offers CD/DVD Duplication, Cardsleeves, Promotional CD/DVD Packs, Seminar/Instructional packages, Demos, EP's and Albums for bands and musical groups.

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Duplication & Replication Services

ezDigital North Perth offers both duplication and replication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray.



Quick turnaround and economical for short runs of CD, DVD and even Blu-ray. We can duplicate any quantity of discs in-house, with covers etc.  Duplication is best suited to runs of 500 discs or less, where turnaround is the most important aspect.


Slower turnaround than duplication, however the disc is pressed and artwork is printed using offset print technology.  Generally unit price is less than duplication, however turnaround is longer and minimum quantities are required.  This is the process used by DVDs and Blurays bought at video stores.  Replication is best suited to runs over 500 discs, where quality and unit price is the most important aspect.

We can discuss the best options with you for your individual project.


Turnaround for most duplication projects is 2-3 working days from receival of the master. For jobs requiring printed parts, the turnaround is generally 3-4 working days from receival of the master and artwork files.

Formats available for duplication and replication:

• Audio CD

• Data CD-Rom

• DVD-5 (Single Layer)

• DVD-9 (Dual Layer)

• Blu-Ray Video

CD/DVD Demo Pack - Fast Turnaround

Our most common fast turnaround option is our CD or DVD Demo Pack.  This package includes the CD or DVD disc duplicated with your data (be it music or video) full colour print on disc, with a double sided cover packed in a flexible soft mailer.

100 x CD Demo Pack = $340 inc GST

200 x CD Demo Pack = $498 inc GST

100 x DVD Demo Pack = $366 inc GST

200 x DVD Demo Pack = $620 inc GST

Templates for CD and DVD Disc (PDF) **same specifications for both**:



Templates for double sided cover (PDF or can be opened in Photoshop also):

Artwork formats:

When outputting your artwork files for duplication or replication, it is best to output the files at the correct print size at 300dpi minimum, using the CMYK colour profile.

File format should be print ready PDF (preferable), otherwise for smaller runs, we can accept JPEG, TIF or Photoshop files.

Adobe Illustrator is the best program for outputting print quality PDF files.

** Other quantities available by calling us on (08) 9228 8889 or by requesting a quote **



• Printing of all paper parts, including CD Booklets, Trayliners, DVD Slicks/covers, DVD Inserts, Digipaks and Cardboard Sleeves.

• Packages to suit your requirements - from CD/DVD disc only replication, to complete "ready-to-sell" packages.

• We cater to bands with demos, EP's and Albums.

• Corporate packages, including CD & DVD promotional material, seminar packs etc.

• Competitive quotes tailored to volume with regular customer rewards

Graphic Design services available for all packages and artwork requirements