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Video Transfers to DVD and MP4 file

ezDigital Perth can digitally preserve your family home movies to DVD, MP4 video file and/or Hi-Definition Blu-ray.

We can transfer from the following sources:

• VHS (PAL, NTSC & Secam)

• Video8, Hi8, Digital8 (PAL & NTSC)

• MiniDV (PAL & NTSC)

• Betamax aka Beta, Betacord (PAL & NTSC)


• VHS-C & S-VHS (PAL, NTSC & Secam)

• Betacam, Betacam SP (PAL & NTSC)

• Betacam SX, MPEG IMX (PAL & NTSC)

• DigiBeta (Digital Betacam) (PAL & NTSC)


• U-Matic SP (PAL)

• U-Matic (PAL/NTSC/Secam)

• Micro MV (PAL)

• 1-Inch Type C Videotape (PAL)

• DVCPRO25 (25) (PAL/NTSC)

Videotape VHS Video8 VHSc MiniDV transfer to MP4 and DVD Perth
“Had half a dozen old VHS-C tapes converted to digital.
Very simple process and the files were as high of a quality as I could have hoped for considering the age of them.
Would highly recommend."

R. Livingstone

We're often asked whether transferring your videos to Disk or Video files is the best option - it is generally personal preference - below you can find an explanation of both methods:

Video file (Standard Definition MP4 or Upscaled High Definition MP4):

If you would like to edit or archive the material on to a hard drive or view the material on a computer, then converting your tapes to video file/s is the better option - this allows you to view the material on most Smart TV's and also on most computers and edit it using your own video editing software.

DVD / Blu-ray disk:

If your main objective is to watch the material on your TV, using a DVD or Blu-ray player and store it away for future use, then DVD or Blu-ray is a suitable option.


Our standard MP4 file is 20Mbps at 720x576 pixels (approx. 10GB per hour of video material).  We can also output files for use on Smart TV's - let us know when you bring your job in that you'll be using a Smart TV, as they do require different quality file/s to play smoothly (approx 5-7Mbps).

SD to HD upscaling:

​For a small additional surcharge we can upscale your Standard Definition video to High Definition, using our high quality hardware (generally best results are from MiniDV, Digital8 and Hi8 formats, as well as professional formats such as Digibeta and Betacam SP etc).

We can output the files onto your NTFS (PC), HFS+ (MAC) and even exFAT (PC/MAC) formatted portable/external hard drive (HDD).  Thumb drives (also known as Flash drives) are a convenient format for viewing files on a SmartTV, Laptop or Desktop computer.



A few things we're often asked (FAQ)


Q "Do I get my tape back after the transfer process?"

A Absolutely - with our archiving background, we believe in always keeping your original tapes.

Q "Will you transfer all material on a tape, regardless of content?"

A No - as part of our transfer process, we identify the home movie material and transfer only that (we won't transfer TV shows etc.)

Q "I have some unlabelled tapes, how do I know what is on them?"

A We can check your unlabelled tapes.  We will only ever transfer home movie material.  Blank tapes (or TV only) are returned to you, at no charge. 

We also offer a High Definition 'Frame By Frame' 8mm film to DVD/Blu-ray transfer service. For further details, you can view our film to DVD page.

At ezDigital, we take great care with your home movies, to ensure you have a high quality digital transfer that you can view for a long time to come.


We also offer many other services including:

• Video, Audio Tape & 8mm film repair, splicing & cassette rehousing
• Video still frame extraction
• Professional real time video conversion onto high quality archive grade
   DVD-R masters. High quality encoding.
• Professional transfers with colour balancing, Time base correction
   (to minimise tracking errors).
• Real Time audio enhancements (Level balancing & noise reduction).
• Worldwide conversions to and from PAL, NTSC and Secam for viewing worldwide

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