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ezDigital can transfer your audio cassette tapes, Vinyl LP records, 78 rpm records, Microcassettes & Reels to 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz digital files.

Library Grade Digital Audio Archiving

ezDigital archive your material to IASA (International Association of Sound and Audio Visual Archives) standards.


• Grade A - Analogue to Digital converters
• Grade A signal chain with fully balanced broadcast quality equipment
• Professional grade CD-R and DVD-R burning with full data verification
• Correct file labeling, and logging procedures
• High Sample rate recording : 24bit/48kHz or 24bit/96kHz Stereo files

We offer several options for digital storage to meet your requirements:

• Hard Drive (HDD) back-up (most common)

• Digital tape media

• 24-carat Gold CD and DVD-R media

  ** Guaranteed for 300 years shelf life and packed into professional archiving cases **

Audio cassette to CD WAV MP3 Perth
“I have had two projects with Wheldon at ezDigital. One lasted over 8 years when I worked in Local Government. The team at ezDigital are very professional and they achieved excellent results in the large project to digitise over 1000 hours of oral histories from audio cassettes ... I am more than happy to recommend them."

P. Harris - Librarian (Fremantle City Library)

We can offer solutions to encode your files into convenient media formats for distribution or public access via the Internet, virtual kiosks, and internal networks. To prevent your masters from the risk of physical damage. 

ezDigital has the capacity and security in place to accommodate job large archiving projects. 

We offer secure personal pick up and DIRECT METRO DELIVERY on larger projects. We do not subcontract delivery on any large archiving project.

ezDigital archiving services are available for any department or organisation. Digital archiving services are also available for any one–off projects, and private individual are more than welcome.


We value your material and we will always do our best to ensure that your material survives into the next century and beyond.

Input Formats:



• Open Reel, Reel-to-Reel, ¼" inch

• Micro cassette, dictaphone tape, mini tape, micro tape, IP voice recorders


Vinyl Records

• Singles 7" 45 rpm

• LP, 33rpm records, EP, Extended Play records

• 78 rpm records



• CD


• MiniDisc

• USB Drive

• MP3 player / recorder

• Hard drive

• Digital Audio Tape (DAT)


Audio from Video or Disk:

• Mini DV, DVCAM


• Betamax (aka Beta), Betacam, Betacam SP

• Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8

• U-matic SP, U-matic ¾" (aka Umatic)



audio archiving perth audio cassette reel to reel vinyl record
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