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Library Grade Digital Video Archiving

ezDigital Perth can digitally archive library and history collections from all video formats including Betacam SP, VHS, Betamax, Digibeta, Betacam SX and a range of other video formats.

Video to Uncompressed AVI and high quality MP4 video files
from formats including:  


• VHS (PAL, NTSC & Secam)
• Video8, Hi8, Digital8 (PAL & NTSC)
• MiniDV (PAL & NTSC)
• Betamax aka Beta, Betacord (PAL & NTSC)
• VHS-C & S-VHS (PAL, NTSC & Secam)
• Betacam, Betacam SP (PAL & NTSC)
• Betacam SX, MPEG IMX (PAL & NTSC)
• DigiBeta (Digital Betacam) (PAL & NTSC)
• U-Matic SP (PAL)
• Micro MV (PAL)
• 1-Inch Type C Videotape (PAL)
• DVCPRO25 (25) (PAL)

video archiving copying Perth VHS Video8 MiniDV VHSc
“I've used EZ Digital's services many times over a number of years. Have always found them to be very fast and provide a great service. They've handled old, delicate material and I've felt very assured it was in good hands. Great knowledge and have provided lots of good advise which has always been very useful. Highly recommended service!"

S. Hanson (State Library of WA & Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre)

We have the highest quality broadcast equipment to allow upsampling (if required) of your material to High Definition (HD), up to the highest frame sizes available including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2K and UltraHD 4K.

When it comes to video archiving there are two output methods that are most popular:

If you would like to edit or archive the material onto a hard drive or view the material on a computer, then converting your tapes to video file/s is the best option - this allows you to view the material on most computers and edit it using your own video editing software.

Video file (Standard Definition MP4 or Upscaled High Definition MP4):

720 x 576 Standard Definition at 20Mbps, or upscaled (or captured for HD tape formats) to Full HD 1920 x 1080 at 20Mbps


Our standard MP4 file is 20Mbps at 720x576 pixels (approx. 10GB per hour of video material).  For an additional surcharge we can upscale your Standard Definition video to High Definition, using our high quality hardware.  We can also output files for use on Smart TV's - let us know when you bring your job in that you'll be using a Smart TV, as they do require different quality file/s to play smoothly (approx 5-7Mbps).

Video file (Standard Definition Uncompressed AVI):

720 x 576 Standard Definition PAL ** High Bitrate (Mbps) Quality ** upwards of 170Mbps ** Perfect for Betacam type tapes etc

DVD / Blu-ray disk:

If your main objective is to watch the material on your TV and store it away for future use, then DVD or Blu-ray is a good option.  Most usually as a backup format.

We can output the files onto your NTFS (PC), HFS+ (MAC) and even exFAT (PC/MAC) formatted portable/external hard drive (HDD).  Thumb drives (also known as Flash drives) are a convenient format for viewing files on a SmartTV, Laptop or Desktop computer.

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